Wild boar in the night

Night hunting has developed with the equipment that turns night into day and thus makes visible all the wildlife that has otherwise been hidden in the black darkness of the night. And it is impressive what appears out there in the dark, turning the black night into a challenging and intense hunting ground. This hunting trip to Turkey took place a month before the heartbreaking earthquake that on February 6, 2023 resulted in catastrophic losses in southern Turkey and Syria. None of the people who appear in this film were affected by the earthquake, but they all have relationships with someone who stayed. Out of respect for the victims and extent of the disaster, we would like you to support the Turkish population in every conceivable way, including by traveling there as a tourist, in order to keep the local economy going, and in that light we would like report on the night hunting of wild boar for which Turkey has rightly become so famous. Featuring: Engin Pehlivan, Caliber 7 Safaries Jens Carl Kuno Nielsen Rasmus Seemann Lasse Wagener, Jagt-Jakt.dk Steen Andersen Language: English Duration: 25 minutes Produced: February 2023 Rifle: SteelAction Caliber: 8,5x63Reb Scope: Pulsar Ammunition: Lead free