Rut Hunt Hungary

All hunting is exciting, and although we change as people throughout life, there are certain constants in hunting that are not in motion. One of them is the rutting hunt for the big deer game, which has always been surrounded by mythical tales and intense experiences - which continues in this edition of Jagtmagasinet, which takes place in the last weeks of October in Hungary. Cast: Balint Sarkadi, Adm. Mannager Stark Hunting Ltd. Janos Halas, Huntingguide Stark Hunting Ltd. Lasse Wagener, Owner JAGT-JAKT Steen Andersen Language: English & Danish with English subtitles Duration: 25 minutes Year of production: April 2023 Rifle: SteelAction Calibre:8,5x63 reb Scope: Optisan EVE 3-12x56Pi