Red Stags - New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful hunting country with vast deserted areas where hunting is free, rich in wildlife, and the challenges exactly the ones you set. The hunting pressure is usually so low that the game is about to come close, and the nature so changing that one and the same hunting trip can experience dense fog, high sun and thick snow. Here is the second part of a lovely hunting expedition with Grant Banhidi, a local hunter with great insight and strong field skills, which extends over several days. Grant is here in the dense bush after red stags in the rut. It results in a number of tight and sometimes surprising situations. Filmed just above the shoulder of Grant, who mastered calling in the stags and stopping them at the right time. Great hunting situations – just like being there your self. Produced by Stelth Films Starring: Grant Banhidi Language: English Duration: 35 minutes and 18 seconds