Buffalo Hunt in South Africa

So it’s time for buffalo hunting. In pursuit of the horned fighter who can kill a man with a single swing of the horns. And we’ll be at close quarters. Buffalo hunting turns boys into men and men into cripples – because you hunt on foot, sometimes right into the midst of the herd and always putting your life on the line. In this intense episode of HuntersMagazine Steen Andersen is hunting Buffalo in South Africa. You will meet a couple of other hunters, have a close look at the trophy’s, get the advises about buffalo hunting from two professional hunters – and be at first hand, when the big buffalo bull is just in front of the hunter. Participants: Carsten Rettig Herman Lubbe, Chief Hunter, Witfontein Hunting Safaris Faan van Schalkwyk, Professional Hunter Steen Andersen, HuntersMagazine Language: English Duration: 24 minutes and 30 seconds