Be Wild #3 - Never give up

This time, Giulia has gone to Friuli in the most north-eastern corner of Italy, where it is possible to hunt both stags and chamois. The terrain is very challenging, with steep paths, and the excessively hot climate did not make it any better. But Giulia is not scared. Together with a hunting companion, she leaves with supplies for a night in a hut without light or heat in the middle of Val Mesath. And the two friends are going to have to work hard for the result…. About BeWild Miniseries following Italian Giulia Taboga in a series of hunting situations in her home country Italy as well as on foreign hunts. Giulia is a rifle and shotgun hunter with a pointing dog and a great sense of adventure, so she willingly challenges herself with hunting tasks that are slightly beyond the average. In other words: a strong young hunter who embraces life and the hunt. Participants: Giulia Taboga Language: Italian with English subtitles. Duration: 27 minutes and 42 seconds. Production year: July 2023.