Namibia - Eland

It’s been far too long since Hunters Magazine’s last report from the Namibian hunting grounds in southwest Africa. Alas, the wait is over.\nAhead of us are six days of hunting, 60.000 hectares of mountainous semi desert, and plentiful herds of local species. \n\n\nParticipants\nRalf Liedtke\nSteen Andersen\n\nLanguage:\t\t\tEnglish\nDuration:\t\t24.34\t\nProduced: \tApril 2020\t\n\nTechnical data:\t\tRiffle:\t \tBlaser R93\n\t\t\tCalibre:\t.375 H&H Mag\n\t\t\tBullet:\t\tOryx, 300gr/19,4g\n\t\t\tScope\t:\tLeupold VX-5HD 3-15x56